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Tubing is veneered

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Free delivery upon order from 1000 uah.
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This product has a minimum quantity of: 1 шт.
What's in the gift set?
  1. 4 -re jars with honey or honey dessert. There is 125g in each jar. products, the total net weight of products in the set - 500g.
  2. Veneered tube, beech.
  3. Hay, by individual agreement - wood chips.
  4. Insert, with product composition, manufacturer, expiration dates.

The total weight of the gift set ~ 1.2 kg.

An excellent addition to the gift set can be:

  • Wooden leaflet (individual layout for laser engraving).
  • Christmas toy with the logo.
  • Stand for a cup.

What is included in the price? Delivery in Kiev - courier, delivery in Ukraine - New Mail. Branding the lid of the tube with a logo, branding jars, adapting a standard branding model to a client.

The size of the tube. Diameter - 180mm, height - 60mm.

Branding. The set contains 3 branding elements:

Payment by bank transfer or in cash.

Delivery: Kiev - courier delivery; Ukraine - New Mail. When ordering from 700 UAH - the delivery is free.

Discounts. When you order from 50 sets, the price is discussed individually. The price depends on several factors:

  • Filling jars.
  • Number of gift kits and terms for their production.

We also recommend to familiarize yourself with another kind of gift - a wooden box.

Corporate gifts from beHoney, a tube with honey - photo

Corporate gifts. How to choose the right one, 6 practical tips.

1. Systematic.

What does it take to make your e-mail or phone call arouse a pleasant emotion? It is necessary to make so that the person on a subconscious level associated you with pleasant moments. How to achieve this result? It is the systematic nature in the manifestation of attention from your company will create such an image.

Helpful advice. The corporate gift received on the birthday, works in this direction much more than a congratulation on the New Year or on March 8.

We also offer the opportunity to brand each gift set, in which both printing and laser engraving will be individual for each set, and the recipient will be twice pleased to receive a nominal gift.

2. The price is a delicate matter.

Corporate gift can cost from 100 UAH. and ad infinitum. But in this case it is a very delicate matter, its price should not be very high, so that your partner does not regard it as a bribe. And according to the policies of many foreign companies, the maximum price of a gift should not exceed $ 50. The main thing is not valuable, but personalization. The main corporate gifts that we produce cost up to 1000 UAH.

3. Congratulations personally.

This positively strengthens the emotional background, and your congratulations will become even more memorable. Sometimes this can not be done in view of strong employment, in which case let your employees do it, not the courier delivery service.

4. Forget about business.

At the time of presenting the gift, either personally or by your employees, do not talk about business tasks, issues that need to be addressed. Do not make this visit an occasion to discuss working moments, believe me, there will still be time for the conversation you need!

5. A corporate gift, not a souvenir.

The main thing here is not to make one, very common mistake - in no way do not give calendars, pens and other promotional items, even in addition to the basic gift.

6. The usefulness of the gift.

Corporate gift should be original. We need a gift that can cause real emotions, not classic trinkets and dustbags.

Application of laser engraving.


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