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Corporate gifts for your partners.

"Be Honey" is a family apiary, for which we have been collecting ecologically pure honey for more than 37 years. Without the slightest exaggeration, this is the business of our whole life, the legacy of our family traditions. And the result is an infinitely useful product that gives health and energy to everyone, regardless of age and status.

We offer you a new and non-standard solution to this problem. The "Be Honey" team is ready to help you come up with and create an original gift that will be universal in purpose and unique in its content. What is this???

Thus, as corporate gifts, we offer you gift sets with honey sweets for partners, branded souvenirs with logo and themed honey gifts for your favorite customers, etc.

In the composition of our honey gifts you can choose:

Varietal honey: acacia, forest, linden, buckwheat

Honey with nuts: wallnuts, kozinaki, almonds, cashews

Honey with fruit slices: orange, apple, grapefruit, lemon.

Different types of cream honey: classic, with blueberries, raspberries and so on.

Delicious, fragrant and healthy tea.

What can we pack jars with desserts?

  1.  Wooden boxes and baskets with laser engraving;
  2.  Cardboard boxes with designer cardboard and full polygraphy;
  3.  Wooden and cardboard tubes;
  4.  Crafting Packages;

Such New Year souvenirs will be an excellent addition to your printing for colleagues and subordinates, extraordinary gifts for partners and a pleasant sign of attention to your customers. However, it should be noted that the New Year is just one of many other holidays, for which it will also be appropriate to order such kind of gifts. Why? Because we are all children at heart, and we love when they care about us.

Principles of work "be Honey". How we are working?

"BeHoney." is a manifestation of genuine concern, a sincere and more open attitude towards others. Your colleagues, partners and customers will immediately understand that you really spent time on the choice of these gifts and came up to it not formally. Therefore, on March 8, Defender's Day, the company's birthday is not a complete list of those holidays and events with which our products perfectly match. We have a large selection of gifts, therefore, for a while you will not repeat exactly.

We will make a gift mock-up absolutely free of charge
We will issue a gift in your corporate style
Form of payment
Non-cash or cash
BovaPoshta for Ukraine
Production: 5 to 15 days
Still have questions?

Honey gifts from beHoney.

We ourselves did not know what popularity would be usedour honey sets. Who basically orders our sets? Companies that want to surprise their customers and partners, foreign guests.

15 000 jars
It was produced as New Year's gifts
3 000 kg. of honey
Eaten for the winter by your favorite customers
50 of companies
Ordered gifts from our partners
  • cbre
  • bakerMcKenzie
  • os
  • hager
  • arricano
  • btl
  • lakki
  • colliers
  • olta

Honey corporate gifts, where did it all begin?

In the fall of 2015, the customer himself applied to us, it was a very famous company, with the request to make honey gifts for the New Year - to prepare polygraph models for a jar, to offer packaging options, and filler jars - naturally high-quality honey. At that time, 130 sets - 400 jars - it was a huge challenge, but without thinking a second, we agreed.

Putting all your creativity, efforts and desires into this order, having executed it in time, in exact accordance with customer expectations we received very good feedback from both the customer and the people who received these sets.

The first 400 jars of honey for the corporate client have become a turning point, we understood in what direction we want to develop, where we need to improve and what really brings us pleasure!

The New Year and the 8th of March are not the only holidays, when branded gifts are ordered - lawyer's day, banker's day, farmer's day and many others, and marketing departments do not stop to puzzle over how to surprise with a gift once again.

By the way, practice shows that resourceful executives or those who have already burned with the preparation of a souvenir at the height of the season are instructing their marketers and brand managers to come up with something as gifts for their partners, customers and maybe even competitors. How would you think for how much? For the whole six months. After all, it's so important to be in time and ... be original!

Your's honey sweets and "Be Honey"

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