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What do we offer?

 Individual decoration in the style of your celebration

 Trendy look of wedding compliments

 A great way to thank your loved ones

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Honey Bonbonniere - Best Gifts Wedding Guests

Guests presents at the wedding Kiev


  Your wedding have special theme, own colors? But it's too hard find bonboniere that will fit your wedding? And you need that honey jars combined with dresses of bridesmaids and matched with colors wedding? For us, it is quite simple task;) Get a gift from the newlyweds - it is a great idea, and the wedding gift will leave a good impression on your wedding - and it's a great alternative to sweets and jam.

A small gift - it is an expression of gratitude and sincere love to the guests who have come to share your happiness, main reason to give "compliment" - to show pure intentions and say "thank you"

Our works scheme on the production of gifts in Kiev and Ukraine

For those who fit our honey bonbonnieres?

Honey - is a gift that will not stand for a long time on the shelf, it is a universal souvenir that simply must enjoy your guests, besides: it is incredibly tasty and healthy. Сandy boxes for wedding

Honey gifts will suit you if you:

 Creative couple

 You think over everything to the last detail

 You want to leave a pleasant emotions, not only in the stomachs of guests

What kind of wedding can suit honey bonbonnieres?

Style: color, vintage, rustic

Color: full color palette

Season: winter, summer, autumn, spring


Our advantages:

Gifts are obliged to comply with the wedding theme and its theme, so we pay particular attention to:

 Jar - its appearance and shape

 Fabric - color and texture

 Postcard with words of gratitude - which is attached to the jar

 Printing and other small things

Our wedding bonbonnieres looks magically at photos and guests can upload photos with pleasure to the social networks - everyone will know about your wedding. Now it is very fashionable trend was the placement of a unique #hashtag your wedding - you just do not forgive a single frame from your holiday of a lifetime.

When the best time to give gifts to the guests?

You can give at any moment - the main part, don't miss any of your guest. How you can do it? 5-th practical examples:

 Unexpected ways - during the gifts presentation of guests, you presents them your wedding compliments. Its great feeling that your gratitude is incredibly sweet, tasty, and it can be touched.

 The standard way - leave honey sweets near the tables, and the guests will be taken of gifts.

 Creative method - if you have a wedding tree, hang them on the branches, and taking of the goodies, your guests can leave a wish.

 A practical way - wedding gifts can function as landing cards, in this case, bonbonniere will be a personal one, you will be able to each guest personally choose their words of gratitude.

 Fashionable and trendy way - to supplement their "Candy Bar" incredibly sweet element.


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