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Corporate Gift #2

грн. В наличии
Free delivery upon order from 1000 uah.
Individual engraving on the lid:

Choose a craft drink:
Select the desired excipien:
Choose a compactor:
This product has a minimum quantity of: 1 шт.
What's in the gift set?
  1. 6th jar with honey or honey dessert. Each jar is 250g. products, total net weight of products in the set - 1500g .
  2. A bottle of craft alcohol 0.5 l.
  3. Wooden box with honey and drink cans.
  4. Sino, according to individual agreement - wooden shavings.
  5. A wooden spoon.
  6. The tab, with product composition, manufacturer, expiration date.

The total weight of the gift set is ~ 4 kg. - 4.5 kg

An excellent addition to the gift set can be:

  • Wooden leaflet (individual layout for laser engraving).
  • Christmas toy with the logo.
  • Stand for a cup.

What's in the price? Delivery in Kiev - by courier, delivery in Ukraine - Nova Poshta. Branding the box lid with a logo, branding the can, adapting the standard branding style to the client.

Box size. Length - 280mm, width - 280mm, height - 115mm.

Branding. There are 3 branding elements in the set:

Payment by cashless payment or cash.

Delivery: . Kiev - courier delivery; Ukraine - Nova Posta. When ordering from 700 UAH - delivery is free of charge.

Discounts. When ordering from 50 sets the price is negotiated individually. Price depends on several factors:

  • Filler jar.
  • Number of gift sets and terms for their production.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with another type of gift - wooden box

Корпоративний vip подарунок з медом до будь-якого свята для ваших колег, партнерів

EXCLUSIVE CORPORATE GIFTS: what to give to partners who have everything?

VIP gifts are one of the most complex tasks for marketers. The following tasks are facing them:

  1. You need to simultaneously surprise the company owner or senior partner with a gift, which in the future will cause pleasant memories associated with your organization.
  2. To establish a closer relationship between managers or owners of the company, for effective further cooperation.
  3. The decorated gift set in the corporate style is an excellent advertisement.

Typically, honey sets from beHoney. enjoy in a cozy family circle with a cup of coffee or tea, and children without getting mad at our honey-walnut paste - this is another advantage of our honey sets, because warm emotions will be associated with a gift from your firm.

BUSINESS Presents VIP segment from beHoney.

Choosing corporate gifts for top management is an extremely responsible and complicated process, and here the main thing is not to miss important points:

  • Rules of business etiquette.
  • The high quality of each of the components of the souvenir: from printing to honey quality in jars.
  • Interesting and fresh idea of gift sets.

You can simplify this task by choosing a set from our catalog, and our experts will help you to make the networks in the corporate style of your company.

Individual corporate kits for VIPs

If you have not found the necessary gift formation, or have an interesting idea - contact us and we will be happy to make a gift set for your requirements accordingly. We will realize your idea of a vip-gift, and this gift will be more pleasantly given twice.

We can realize any creative idea, but it is important to say that it takes some time and it is better to turn to beHoney in advance, because before the New Year or March 8 production is loaded 100%, and non-standard orders require some time to develop and making a quality layout.

Also, in our corporate kits you can also invest in your branded products by adding them to a wooden box:

  • Greeting cards with a logo.
  • Brand handle.
  • Calendars or notebooks.

Pricing policy. In the assortment we have sets of high price segment, but the true value is determined by the high quality of each element.

Application of laser engraving.

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