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Corporate Gifts #1

грн. В наличии
Free delivery upon order from 1000 uah.
Individual engraving on the lid:

Number of jars in the set:
Select the desired excipien:
Choose a compactor:
This product has a minimum quantity of: 1 шт.
What's in the gift set?
This gift set takes 2nd place in the popularity of orders, among all corporate sets.
  1. 3-ri or 4-re jars with honey or honey dessert. In each can is 250 g. products, the total net weight of products in the set - 750g and 1000g, respectively.
  2. Plywood box, alder or birch plywood.
  3. Hay, by individual agreement - wood chips.
  4. Wooden spoon.
  5. Insert, with product composition, manufacturer, expiration dates.

The total weight of the gift set ~ 1.8 kg. - 2.2 kg.

An excellent addition to the gift set can be:

  • Wooden leaflet (individual layout for laser engraving).
  • Christmas toy with the logo.
  • Stand for a cup.

What is included in the price? Delivery in Kiev - courier, delivery in Ukraine - New Mail. Branding the lid of the drawer with a logo, branding jars, adapting a standard branding model to a client.

The size of the box. The length is 290mm, the height is 120mm, the width is 125mm .

Branding. There are 3 branding elements in the set:

Payment by bank transfer or in cash.

Delivery: Kiev - courier delivery; Ukraine - New Mail. When ordering from 700 UAH. - the delivery is free.

Discount. If you order from 50 sets, the price is discussed individually. The price depends on several factors:

  • Filler cans
  • Number of gift kits and terms for their production.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with another type of gift - veneer cube

Corporate giftware for beHoney, tube with honey - photo

Why choose corporate gifts from beHoney?

Making gift sets, first of all the value of the final product is extremely important for us: its taste and useful properties, and only then a beautiful wrapper, stylish packaging and product marketing.

Ukrainian honey - is famous for the whole world, and, as a rule, what is in abundance is not appreciated. I am personally convinced that our honey is a noble and very worthy product, one of the main riches of our homeland.

What do you get when buying corporate gifts with the sign "Made in Ukraine"?

  1. High quality. These are not just big words, it is extremely important for us to do quality product, I believe that this is the most important factor in the current economic conditions. For the quality of each gift set, I answer I (link facebook profile) personally my name, the name of my family, which is engaged in the production of gift sets​
  2. We can change any item in the gift: the size of the box, the way of branding or the shape of the jar, as we ourselves are directly engaged in production.
  3. Exclusivity. These gifts are not produced in millions of copies somewhere in China or elsewhere. My grandfather has been collecting honey since 1980, and my father is packing for gift sets. For us this is a matter of life.

Honey as a gift - it's really a win-win option. It is loved by both adults and children. On the one hand, honey is a delicious treat, and on the other hand it is also very useful. It can be presented to your colleagues, partners, employees, friends and foreign guests.

The honey that we pack into sets is from our own apiary , so you do not have to worry about its naturalness and quality!

Corporate gifts with honey in wooden packaging look especially beautiful and noble, this combination of natural ingredients organically complements each other, resulting in an impression of the integrity of the entire set, which does not need to be packed, supplemented with advertising booklets and others.

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