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beHoney. How did it all begin?

Hello! My name is Roman Baka,I'm a co-founder of beHoney, and I'm responsible for the quality of each bean with honey from beHoney.

In the distant 1980, my grandfather, Vasily Alekseevich, began to be engaged in beekeeping. From the very day I remember trying to help grandfather pour honey on jars, I remember how my father went to night watch on the apiary, to collect pollen. Even then, my fate was sealed, I knew exactly what I would be doing when I grew up.

In autumn 2015, the brand beHoney appeared.

We are not a big company, our team is our family: the grandfather, who has been engaged in beekeeping for more than 35 years, my mother and father, who are the main critics of our case, my girlfriend is the main motivator, the source of energy and I.

What we do - has a local character, we are working on the production of delicious and healthy desserts based on honey, as well as - gift sets with honey. The entire process from the moment of collecting honey, developing labels, packaging and ending with its delivery, we control and carry out ourselves.

The main directions of the company's work are beHoney. :

Production of honey and honey desserts.

Manufacture of branded corporate gifts.

Selling wholesale and retail honey, honey gifts.

Honey gifts from beHoney.

We ourselves did not know what popularity would be used our honey sets. Who basically orders our sets? Companies that want to surprise their customers and partners, overseas guests

15 000 jars
It was produced as New Year's gifts
3 000 kg. of honey
Eaten for the winter by your favorite customers
50 companies
We ordered gifts from our partners
  • cbre
  • bakerMcKenzie
  • os
  • hager
  • arricano
  • btl
  • lakki
  • colliers
  • olta

Certification and working conditions:

How to pay? You have the option of paying for products either by bank transfer, Privat24,, or by cash payment.

All products that are sold under the brand beHoney. - certified. We have an ambulance passport of the apiary, which says about the health of bees, the conclusion of the phytosanitary service about the physicochemical composition of each honey grade, the conclusion of a sanitary-epidemic station for honey desserts. In case you want to send honey, honey dessert or a gift set outside Ukraine - just let us know, we will prepare additional documents, and also - it is possible to package the products in an additional protective layer of the film. You can see feedback on our work in thefacebook.

Trade networks, where you can buy honey and honey desserts from beHoney?

Offline sale points for our honey and honey desserts. Clicking on the picture of the store, you can find out where it is.

          ​    ​
We cooperate with small family shops, for which the main task is to sell a quality, fresh, interesting product, so that the customer is always happy and returned to the store, not only for shopping, but for warm emotions. If you are the owner of such a store, it may be interesting for you to read our cooperation, but by writing to e-mail: - get a wholesale price list and a diagram of our work. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

The team "1 + 1" is on a beehoney apiary.

About the principles of work beHoney and the prospects for development.

In-depth live interview on RTI TV.

Also you can read about us on the following websites:

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