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Where to Buy Farm Honey in Kyiv? 4 varieties of honey

buy honey UkraineWhere to buy honey in Kiev? This is a question often asked by fans to enjoy a sweet, unfortunately, difficult to buy quality honey in supermarkets, where at any time of the year he flaunts in the liquid state, from buckwheat to lime. At best, you just do not get the benefits of consumption of "liquid gold", at worst - possibly even harm.

Our story began more than 35 years ago when my grandfather decided to engage in beekeeping. During this time, a hobby turned into a matter of life. For over twenty years, our grandfather feed sweetly Kyiv residents a high quality product, assembled on the river Rastavytsi, Ross and the Dnipro.

What we should know about? We do not use antibiotics, contaminants and GMOs in the production of honey, and - not subjected to heat treatment. That You can order really high quality, useful, and most importantly - delicious honey.

Remember a few simple but important factors when choosing honey:

  It is always better to buy honey in proven beekeepers, whose good name is worth more, the brilliant and beautiful bank logo.

  Liquid honey since October, the month can be only one - Acacia. Buckwheat, lime, floral honey - crystallized from one week to two months (all other varieties of honey in a liquid state - fake)

  Buying liquid honey should pay attention to its density - it has a spoon drain, forming a small hill, and if quick twist spoon - then honey has namotuvatys it.

You can order: Acacia honey, linden and sunflower honey

  Acacia honey

  Rape honey

  Forest honey

Taste and be healthy.

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