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Business gifts

Corporate Gifts by "be Honey”:

 Gift sets of honey and desserts

 Full branded - packaging, jars and labels

  Gifts that will be appreciated by your clients, colleagues and partners 

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Сhoose gifts for business


There are so many occasions in the company life, namely the New Year, the company's anniversary or signing a major contract, that require to make this event special. Surely, when the time of celebrating comes, you have to think what corporate gifts for partners, colleagues or customers to prepare? You might probably be tired of such kinds of gifts as notepads and pens, or even 'better' options like buying chocolate and a bottle of champagne. Do not get disappointed, there is always a solution - our wonderful custom jars of honey or honey goodies will help you to make your event special, create a magical mood for the participants and distinguish your company from the hundreds of others.


How to choose a gift for partners, colleagues and employees?

Order gifts with logo

Memories that you will leave to your partners, colleagues or clients, shall make you felt pride. Remember, you represent a company and the gifts that carry the company’s name will always be associated with your company’s reputation. What types of gifts are there, on the market?

 1. Useless and aftermarket

 2. Useless, but original

 3. Non-original, but useful

 4. Convenient and original

Honey and sweets are kind of gifts that are always useful (most people like drinking tea with honey). And when you combine the healthiness and usefulness with the custom branding and beautiful packaging, there is no way somebody could withstand it. Partners will evaluate your gift according to two criteria: originality and usefulness. Corporate gifts will make a good impression not only about you personally but about your company as well because it will show the quality of your strategic planning and creativity itself. So it's time to think about corporate gifts as a strategic instrument of collaboration and the company's image, therefore to prepare exquisite gifts.


Customized branded corporate gifts for companies and individuals - wholesale and retail

In addition, corporate gifts can be used to strengthen relationships within the team. This is a great opportunity to keep the best employees, and show employees how much you appreciate their hard work and contribution to the company. Sweet gifts will also help improve the overall employee morale. Possible options of 100% natural, high-quality and healthy gifts from beHoney:

  • Honey, collected in2016 year from our own beehives located in Kyiv and Cherkasy region with regard to the different seasons. Business- souvenirs with logo production
  • Honey desserts of our own production

Wide range of packaging options:

  • Wooden boxes and wooden baskets
  • Plywood boxes
  • Veneer tubes
  • Carton boxes
  • Boxes of burlap

As an extra-service, several branding options are available:

  • Application of logos on the honey jars, packaging and greeting cards (printing, laser engraving or printing of wax)
  • Using individual style, slogans in the design, corporate colors etc.


Advantages of working with beHoney:

The corporate gifts are available for different budget options, but the quality of the products and services always remain high. Quality is the main principle, which our business is based on . And no matter what kind of gifts will you choose on behalf of the company, firstly the high quality should be kept as a an image of your firm. We are strongly against the use of low-quality ingredients and cheap materials.

  • Designing individual sets may change any little thing
  • High quality - honey and desserts from our own beehives
  • Production in a short time frame (force majeure)
  • Providing layouts examples before the entire order will be settled out
  • We accept both: cash and non-cash payments
  • Convenient and clear scheme of work:

Сhoose gifts for businessOrder gifts with logo Business- souvenirs with logo productionGift delivery in Kiev

How to reduce costs without affecting their quality? Well the answer is to order in advance.Say partners, business colleagues and their clients, "Thank you", because they have helped to make this year successful for your company. The important thing - do not hesitate to thank them for it! If you have a special or novel idea - let us know, we will gladly help you to make your ideas real.

Preliminary cost



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