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«Walnuts edition»

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You have the opportunity to add some options to one or more jars. Thus, make a jar of honey or honey dessert with a separate gift.

Among the available options are:

  • Packing jars in a designer craft package, and inside the package - decorative hay.
  • Add a wooden spoon.
  • Also there are banks of the gift format - "bugelnaya". This jar looks more impressive due to its design, and convenient functionality will allow using it for tea, coffee, loose and so on.

Greek legends say that the immortal gods of Olympus ate walnuts, descending from heaven. The Greeks certainly knew how to compose legends, but from ourselves we can add that now the walnut in honey enjoys incredible success among professional athletes, as well as among people with increased mental load.

It has also been known for a long time that babies were fed milk from nuts, the so-called grated nut with water, in case mother could not feed the baby. Now the same nuts in honey are very popular among young mothers of their children. The only thing we recommend is - consult with your doctor about contraindications.

More than one generation of walnuts with honey is used as a natural means of increasing potency among men.

Caloric content of nuts exceeds the calorie content of wheat bread by 3 times.

Nuts with honey are record holders in terms of content: iron, manganese, copper, magnesium and calcium

Also contains:

  • Unsaturated fats.
  • Free amino acids.
  • Vitamins: B, E, PP, C

Honey dessert with nuts is recommended:

  1. Strengthening immunity.
  2. During illnesses help the body to recover faster.
  3. A natural product, the assimilation of which is 98%.
  4. To increase hemoglobin in the blood.
  5. Improves the metabolic processes in our body.

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