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Production be Honey, it is:

 Farmer's honey from our own apiary

  High quality of each jar of honey and honey desserts

  Responsibility and honesty in work since 1970

  Not just a hobby, but a business of the whole life

Where to buy farm honey: eco-product in Kiev

Honey is a magic-sweet nectar , which is converted into a finished product in honeycombs. Do you know that bees are flying 40 000 kilometers, which is equal to overcoming the distance of the orbit around the Earth in order to collect 1 kg of honey?!

Making honey is a real sacrament, a natural "meal of the Gods", when bees collect honey naturally. A unique aroma and medicinal properties are achieved by collecting the best natural varieties on environmentally friendly apiaries. This is an important and difficult task - experienced farmers especially protect their fields during a drought or rainy weather, provide the organization of wintering bees.

To make farm honey not spoiled and not fermented , bees need to remove excess liquid from honey: they start waving their wings over honeycombs in order to accelerate the process of evaporation. Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners and is considered an eco-product in many cultures.

But then why are there so many difficulties with buying honey in the market or in the store?

  • 3 Honey species . Buyers are often confused with the definition of natural, organic and pure honey.
  • Fake labels. Companies use the marketing move to attract your attention and "force" you to buy honey.
  • 300 varieties to choose from. It's easy to get confused when you have such a huge assortment, it's important to understand the medicinal and taste characteristics: for example, buckwheat honey a bit bitter.

What properties does eco-honey have and how to choose natural honey correctly?

Eco-honey - organic product without pesticides and antibiotics .

The places where such honey is harvested are strictly under the close supervision of state committees of UkrSEPRO, CERTEX.

  • Organic farming

At least 3 years on processing the site without chemicals in order to obtain the official status of a distributor of eco-products.

The radius of the territory of the honeycomb - 2-3 km.

It is forbidden to use synthetic means for processing hives, organic production of beeswax is used.

  • Organic beekeeping

The presence of manure, magnesium and potassium is limited.

Hive from natural ingredients.

Staining without lead.

  • Organic honey.

The best seeds: weeds and pests are excluded.

Without genetically modified organisms.

There is no bonitization of bee colonies.

How to understand that you are buying real natural honey

The term "natural" means "do not mix with any other material, without contamination, no additional ingredients."

In other words, farm honey goes without the addition of sugar, corn syrup or any other additional flavor.

  • An organic product produced by honey bees.
  • Clean, unfiltered, useful for all health authorities.

As a rule, the labels do not write "farmer's": instead you can read acacia honey, eucalyptus honey, linden honey, sunflower honey, honey multiflora - depending on which flowers the bees collected honey from.

How to choose honey on the Internet

  • Pay attention to the label, whether there are additives.
  • Pure honey consists exclusively of 2 basic sugars: fructose and glucose.
  • If honey crystallizes, it's pure honey.

Behoney: farm honey in Ukraine with its own apiary

Honey is the most common and healthy food product. The only food with all the vital ingredients to maintain life.

The best alternative to sugar. Many people consider honey to be "natural" due to its beneficial properties.

Net honey in the online store is collected from its own hives for 37 years: all high-quality and natural, without pesticides and herbicides.

For you to choose the best honey varieties