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Linden honey

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Linden Honey

In order to collect 100g. honey, bees need to fly 46 000 km

The honey legend is honey, created by bees from flowers of linden, which is recognized as one of the best varieties in the world, because of its bunch of undeniable advantages.

The taste of lime honey, like its color, is a distinctive feature of this species. It has a very rich taste and weak bitterness. After him, he leaves a pleasant tart aftertaste.

Useful properties of linden honey:
1. Has a strong diaphoretic effect, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect
2. Antibacterial properties of linden honey are also used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: it helps to remove inflammatory processes and improve the state of the liver, kidney and gall bladder.
3. Lime honey is especially recommended to people with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems: it relieves stress and tension, fights with sleepless nights, improves metabolism.

This variety of honey contains:
- Enzymes: diastase, peroxidase, catalase, invertase and lipase.
- Carotene, vitamins K, E and Group B,
- Microelements and biologically active substances

Honey is rapidly crystallizing, it is in a creamy state
Collection period: July.
Place of collection: Kiev region, with. Trumpets

It is believed that the darker the color of honey, the stronger its flavor appears. This rule is true for many varieties, but not for linden. Even if it is light and translucent, you will clearly feel its taste.

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