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Bonbonniere "М"

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Free delivery upon order from 1000 uah.
Step 2. Label design:
Text for the tag:
Step 3. Textile:
Step 4. Jar:
This product has a minimum quantity of: 10 шт.

What is the main idea of the wedding bonboniers

Despite the fact that the trend of European weddings to give bonbonnieres to guests of their holiday appeared not so long ago among the newlyweds, but already managed to gain great popularity.

Standard bonbonnieres are different pleasant little things that a young couple gives to guests, relatives and friends as a token of gratitude for those warm emotions, congratulations and sincere wishes. For the production of our honey bonbonnieres, we use a design cardboard and only the best fabric, and a jar of honey can be additionally decorated with a satin ribbon or a wooden stick for honey.

In our shop an unimaginably large selection of wedding details. Depending on the style of your wedding, you can choose any color of fabric, print for the tag or the shape of a jar. Also, the jar can be additionally packed in:

  • wooden box
  • cardboard box
  • craft package

Indeed, bonbonnieres can be made with your own hands, but this can take a lot of free time, sometimes even nerves, and, as a rule, made bonbonnieres with their own hands are more expensive than in a store. Therefore, the best to trust us, and we will qualitatively fulfill your order, taking into account all the details and suggestions in matters of size, style, shape and materials.

How do we fill sweet bonbonniere?

We do not offer to fill bonbonire with all kinds of sweets, such as:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Diverse Dragee
  3. Berries or fruit
  4. Sweets or jam

Filling bonbonnieres from beHoney is a real natural honey from your own apiary or honey dessert based on it.
The honey bonbonnieres from beHoney will be not only a pleasant surprise, but also a fine tin, a worthy decoration of even the most magnificent wedding, they will also give your guests the benefit of a natural product as well as warm memories.

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