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Sweet Bonbonniere "XS"

грн. В наличии
Free delivery upon order from 1000 uah.
Step 2. Label design:
Text for the tag:
Step 3. Textile:
This product has a minimum quantity of: 1 шт.
How to order?
  1. Through the site, selecting the necessary filler, printing, textiles and the number of jars
  2. by phone number: 073 000 73 09, 097 000 73 08
  3. by e-mail:
What is inside?

Filler jars can be honey from our own apiary or honey desserts by own production.

 Polygraphy and textiles.

2 possible variants of bank registration:

  • fabric and label
  • full color printing

If there is no suitable version of the fabric, we select it individually.
It is possible to print labels or stickers on a bank by client's layout.

 Terms of production

From 2 days, depending on the number of jars, the complexity of selecting textiles and preparing mock-ups of polygraphy. If you need to receive an order faster, there is the possibility of branding standardized jars, on average, the preparation of such an order takes approximately 8 hours.


Kiev - courier delivery; Ukraine - Nova Poshta.

When ordering from 700 UAH - the delivery is free.

Bonbonniere from beHoney.

One of the most important and striking events in the life of every person is a wedding. This is the day when everything should be without a hitch - just perfect! And of course, any couple on this day wants to share their joy with relatives, friends and other guests, make sure that for them the holiday became bright and unforgettable. Therefore, many newlyweds make presents to all those invited. It can be something quite insignificant - postcards, magnets, photos, key chains, etc. Sometimes - something more practical, but no less touching - soft toys, books or ... bonbonniere.

Yes, this funny word really has a French origin and originally meant a beautifully decorated box for candy - candy, in other words. Happy holiday fits perfectly, but how are bonbonniere used now and how are they related to our products? Let's figure it out.

Nowadays bonbonnieres have not lost their original function and still are an excellent completion of the wedding, when the young escort guests without releasing them empty-handed. In addition, the latest trends show that the wedding bonbonniere is increasingly becoming an important element of the overall wedding decor and is a very original addition to it. Harmoniously looks, if they are made in the same color scheme with other elements of decor (bouquet of the bride, boutonniere groom and witnesses, table decoration, etc.). Given that a happy event can happen at any time, the wedding stewards often offer a universal wedding design in different colors depending on the prevailing season. And you can rest assured, bonbonniere remain relevant in summer, in winter and in any other season of the year. We also take into account this factor and offer our clients the design of wedding bonbonieres for every taste and style. However, this is only one of the few advantages of cooperation with us. More details ...

Perhaps, the main principle that we follow in working with our customers is an individual approach to each customer. We take into account all client tastes and try to create a bonbonniere, which will correspond to the wishes of the customer as much as possible. In addition, you can participate in the creation of the future masterpiece by choosing a wedding dress with the help of the designer of the KP and offering your options for greeting cards with wishes and gratitude for guests or even the bride and groom themselves if your role is a guest.

Do not know which bonbonniere you need or how to arrange them? No problem. We will create a mock-up of the future gift for free! The chosen polygraphy of jars and accompanying postcards, and their design will fully take into account the style of the wedding ceremony. We have a whole palette of colors and a lot of ideas, as you can decorate the bonbonniere. This, undoubtedly, will underscore your uncommon taste and readiness to make original decisions. And we will help you with this, providing a wide choice of decor elements (8 types of jars and a choice of fabrics for decorating bonbonniere under the overall style of the wedding).

But that's not all! After all, not only design is unique in our bonbonniere. The secret of success is in their content. We here again offer to garish and instead of standard sweets fill your "sweet gifts" with our homemade honey. And what could be better than honey from your own apiary? Only honey from the bee "Be Honey"! We work a real family contract, therefore, in our products we try to preserve domestic warmth and family traditions. And that was to taste for any table, we offer honey of different varieties:

- acacia (white and yellow acacia);

- forest (combines the taste of honey at once three varieties - sunflower, linden, buckwheat);

- any honey dessert.

We also prepare delicious honey-nut and honey-nut pastes with cocoa, which are a real storehouse of health and energy for every day!

Do you still doubt why "Be Honey" ? For us, this is not just business, for us it is a matter of life. That's why, we do not just do our work, we put our soul into every element of the finished product. We do this for you, your health and happy smiles, which will be caused by our bonbonniere and other products.

So, caring about your brand, we take care of you, which means that we care about your comfort. Therefore, without hesitation, we offer you a few additional elements of our "honey" service:

- any form of payment convenient for you (cash and non-cash);

- we work with all of Ukraine and delivery is done to any point of our vast homeland, where there is a new post office, and in Kiev - a courier;

- for 2-5 days we will realize your "sweet fantasies" (if very urgent, then for 8 hours!);

- we are always open for communication with our dear customers (order feedback, and we will contact you without delay).

Interesting, tempting, sweet? Soon you have a wedding, relatives, friends? Then do not waste time in vain and order from us a sample layout for your presents. We remind you that the layout is absolutely free! You state - we incarnate. Do not miss the opportunity to surprise your guests with original gifts on the occasion of the wedding and make this holiday memorable not only for yourself, but for them.

We also recommend to familiarize yourself with another type of honey - Bonbonieri M.

Your bonbonniere, your "Be Honey"

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