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«Kozinaki edition»

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You have the option to add some options to one or more banks. Thereby make a jar of honey or a honey dessert with a separate gift. Among available options:

  • Packing a jar into a design craft package, and inside the package is a decorative hay.
  • Add a wooden spoon.
  • Also in the presence of the banks are the gift format - "bugel". This jar looks more convincing at the expense of its design, and a convenient functional will allow it to be used for tea, coffee, loose and so on.

If you have a hard day scheduled, be it a physical or mental load of honey with peanuts and seeds to help you cope more effectively. To maintain the physical strength of the body it is recommended to take one tablespoon of honey mixture in the morning and at bedtime. This rate of admission acts for the purpose of prevention, if this product is used as a snack or a dessert - the norm is dictated by your appetite.

Not for nothing, our "kozinaki" are popular among people who are actively increasing muscle mass.

And the main component of this product - peanuts, was included in soldering a soldier during the Second World War.

Useful substances of earth walnut and honey:

100 g of this product contains 650 kcal: 20% of the composition - fats, 40% - proteins, 40% carbohydrates.

It is important to understand that unsaturated acids that are not produced in the human body are part of the honey's delicacy:

  • Oleic acid.
  • Peanut acid.

Vitamins, minerals, minerals:

  1. Copper, zinc, calcium
  2. B, E, PP, В

Рекомендується приймати для:

  1. Due to the element of arginine, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, used to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  2. Increases the production of serotonin, which raises your mood, reduces the risk of depression, increases resistance to stress.
  3. Generates normal blood pressure due to the element of magnesium and manganese.
  4. Enhances concentration of attention.
  5. The same product at the expense of peanuts also has a choleretic effect, helps to clean the liver.
  6. Because of its cleaning function, we recommend using nuts with honey for smokers, as well as people who sometimes drink alcohol.
  7. For men, it prevents early baldness due to the element of biotin.

 Remember that elements contained in honey and peanuts with seeds perfectly complement each other.

We also recommend getting acquainted with a honey dessert Walnut

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