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Corporate Gift #5

грн. В наличии
Free delivery upon order from 1000 uah.
Required volume:
Design of printing:
Choose a compactor:
This product has a minimum quantity of: 20 шт.
What is included in the basic gift set?
  1. Bowl with honey: bugel - 250g. (Metal castle) or 500g. twist offs
  2. Carton box and satin ribbon to it
  3. Decorative hay

The total weight of the gift set is ~ 0.75 kg.

An excellent addition to the gift set can be:

  • Wooden Postcard (Individual Laser Engraving Layout).
  • New Year's toy with a logo.
  • Stand for cup.

What's in the price? Delivery in Kyiv - by courier, delivery in Ukraine - New Post. Branding logo labels, branding jars, adapting the standard branding line to the customer.

Box size. Length - 105 mm, width - 105 mm, height - 105 mm.

Branding. There are 2 branding elements in the set:

  • Etiquette on the bank. Apply any print, usually: company logo, wishes
  • A tag or an additional polygraph. Apply the company logo; + Small slogan at will.
  • A wooden postcard or a toy (optional).

Payment by cashless payment, Privat24 or cash form.

Delivery: Kyiv - courier delivery; Ukraine - New Post. When ordering from 1000 UAH - delivery is free of charge.

Discounts When ordering from 100 sets the price is negotiated individually. Price depends on several factors:

  • Filler of jar
  • The number of gift sets and terms for their production.
What can I change or add?

Instead of a cardboard box you can choose:

  • Cardboard box and additional polygraphy (polygraph design can be selected from the available options or use your layout)
  • Wodden box

Instead of the standard honey filler:

  • Honey dessert with nuts or citrus - 250 g., In a cake jar with a metal lock.
  • Honey dessert with nuts or buds - 500 g., In a jar of twist-offs.

Instead of a standard decorative hay, you can use a seal:

  • Wood shavings.
  • Paper shavings.
  • Sisal.

In addition, you can add:

  • A wooden spoon.
  • Honey wood stick.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with another type of gift wodden box.

Корпоративні медові подарунки на Новий Рік від beHoney

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