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About us
We - a small company, our team - our family: the grandfather, who is engaged in beekeeping for over 35 years, mother and father, who are the main critics of our business, my girl - the main motivator, and I energy source.
 My name is Roma and I want to do high-quality, tasty, unusual product :)
What we do - is local, we are working on the production of tasty and healthy desserts based on honey.
The whole process from the time of collection of honey, design of labels, packaging and ending with its delivery and do we control ourselves.
Our honey from own apiary, Kyiv and Cherkasy region.
Here you can order:
• Acacia
• floral
• Lime
• buckwheat
• Sunflower

We also have a variety of desserts, which we are preparing honey on the basis solely of useful products.
Here you will find:
• Chocolate nut paste (based on honey, without preservatives and unhealthy additives)
• embalmed in honey walnuts ("MeggaMozok", Walnuts edition)
• Peanut seeds with honey ("MeggaMozok", kozinaki edition)
• Liquid Snickers ("MeggaMozok", Snickers edition - caramel taste and smell, but only natural and organic products)